Пиксельные пои Ignis Pixel 48 Lite

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Пиксельные пои
Ignis Pixel 48 Lite
26 957 руб.
31 683 руб.
В рассрочку от 6 739 руб. в месяц 
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Набор включает
Video Demonstration
3D модель пои
4 вещи, на что стоит обратить внимание при выборе пиксельного реквизита
Показать ещё
Чем выше разрешение, тем выше детализация картинки.
Скорость отрисовки
При недостаточной скорости отрисовки пиксель будет вытягиваться в прямоугольник и картинка получится вытянутой и искаженной.
Программное обеспечение

Загрузка картинок, музыки и визуальное редактирование таймлайнов (последовательностей картинок во времени)

Приложение доступно для Windows и Mac OS

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Почему вам стоит выбрать именно
Ignis Pixel

Корпус из поликарбоната — прочный, как полицейский щит

Качественные светодиоды, используемые в светодиодных экранах

Опция синхронного старта и управления по радиоканалу

Заряда литиевых аккумуляторов хватает на несколько часов

Зарядка пои и загрузка
изображений по USB

Рекордная плотность
светодиодов — шаг 2,15 мм

Самое высокое разрешение
в мире — 256 точек

Прочная усиленная пайка
всех элементов

Индикатор заряда,
работающий в разных режимах

Крепкие петли из альпинистской стропы

Very happy with product thus far only arrived last week but have stunned everyone who have seen them! Have seen alot of negative feedback regarding the price tag of product but im definately convinced they are worth it and will pay themselves off in no time :)
it is very nice to work with them. software is good, pois easy to handle. but considering updates are not an exchange of the led board. So take care, play with care, avoid repairs.
Not only are these some of the coolest devices I have seen, but the customer service is amazing! The company is based in Moscow and the person I chatted with was very friendly. Overall I am impressed!
I received it within 4 day. Everything went well and smoothly one thing is missing directions. But I'm sure they would help me with that problem immediately I'm definitely ordering from them again
Super Happy with the Ignis Poi... I didn't expect them to be so Magical... I didn't have a proper time to test them out... but me and my friends had our brains blown out by the normal graphics that are already uploaded... Well done and Big Thanks to Team Ignis :D Thanks again
Great Service and Products , Delivered from Russia to Australia in 8 days , there always ready to answer questions , the products are professionally made sturdy and strong , easy to use software for changing images , Thanks Ignis
I recieved my 48Lite nunchaku about a month ago and It's been a priceless addition to my performances. It truly amazes me at the brightness of the lights, the sharpness of the patterns, the vividness of the colors, and the extreme life of the battery! Seriously, the battery life is outstanding for how bright and powerful the product is. 100% brightness is SO bright!! Only necessary if the sun is still up, or the room is well lit. I can wow an audience, performing on and off for 6 or more hours at 50% brightness. And 50% is still super bright and vivid! 50% is all the brightness I've ever needed. Impacts are not a problem. I've dropped them a few times on hard surfaces and nothing has changed. My favorite thing about them is producing my own patterns in Photoshop and uploadin...
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Simply put, you pay for what you get. The best pixel products on the market. Stunning colors, programming capability, and adaptability give you so many options. Just amazing.
The service here is 10/10, great detail and lightning. The product is also durable. Normal impact wont crush the lights. It is also 1 of my greatest performance gear and the audience loved it so much because they say it looks like the artist is bringing a live picture or a message just like movies. So here I attatch some of my photos playing it as well
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31 см
160 гр
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Пои 200 HD 200 px 400 LEDs
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190 гр
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Пои 256 HD 256 px 512 LEDs
67 см
55 см
210 гр
156 348 руб.
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